Brick Boundary Wall

Tradexcc is a widely known name in the construction industry, having vast experience in brick boundary wall construction in Pakistan. We build strong foundation using high-quality bricks, mortar, and precast columns for your property so it’s going to last a lifetime. We provide nationwide services.

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Brick boundary wall is a traditional way of securing properties from unwanted prying. They are normally constructed on different foundation types, strips, raft or mat foundations, and build in different styles with the most common are English Bond, Flemish Bond and a Rat Trap Bond. Tradexcc builds quality brick boundary wall using strip foundations. These foundations are set on trenches dug out to get a strong base that provides a hard surface which gives strong support as the walls do not have a load bearing capacity.

  • Brickwork boundary walls are normally used to protect your land and areas from theft, unwanted access, and to protect your privacy from being exposed off.
  • It is also used to cut off noise pollution created by traffics.
  • A strong and durable fence that looks aesthetically appealing and giving your property an outclass look from outside.
  • You can do many activities like functions, parties, and ceremonies in the enclosed area depending upon the size of your property.
  • Available in different architectural designs and requirements as per the demand.
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a) 9” thick or with greater thickness as per Client requirement
b) 4.5” thick will Pillars
c) 4.5” Thick Pre-cast & Brick Boundary wall
d) Designed Brick Wall or wall as per drawing
Customization: Available
Colors: On demand
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