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Get the latest rates for cost-effective and environmental friendly fly ash bricks. Minimum plastering required when used in construction. We provide delivery and installation in all cities of Pakistan.

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Fly ash bricks are highly in demand and used as a replacement for clay bricks in the construction of various types of buildings due to its multiple benefits over red bricks one of them is higher strength and minimum plastering required.

  • Fly ash bricks are cheaper than the red bricks and have high compressive strength up to 2000 PSI.
  • Fly ash bricks have high fire and sound insulation properties. Also, durable and lasts for a longer life span.
  • The appearance and looks of fly ash bricks and blocks are pleasant, and it takes less space than normal clay bricks.
  • It is less porous, and minimum plastering and mortar are required during construction.
  • We can use these bricks as load-bearing, and non-load-bearing internal or external walls depends on requirements.
  • It does not emit any hazardous or greenhouse gases during production.
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