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We are the manufacturer of concrete blocks with a monthly production capacity of almost 2.5 lacs and provide supply and installation in all Pakistan cities.

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Hollow blocks are another type of concrete blocks used widely in various construction projects. Unlike solid block, the inner area of the hollow block is void and is greater than its gross area up to 25%. Concrete hollow blocks are available in various sizes and are heavy than solid blocks.

  • Compressive strength up to 1500 PSI and can increase as per client demand.
  • Resistant to abrasion in acute weather conditions and to fire up to about 400°C.
  • It is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice, as these blocks require a small amount of stabilizer - 15-20 times less than that of fired bricks. Generally, CEB consumes 11 times less energy than other blocks.
  • Best for facade or front elevation of a building, partitioned wall, landscaping, and boundary walls.
  • Economical, durable, reusable, and can last for more than 30 years.
  • Lighter in weight and size as compared to clay bricks.
  • Lighter in weight and size as compared to clay bricks.
  • Fast construction, easy to install and take less space than traditional red bricks.


Hollow Block Sizes: (4”x 8”x16”), (6”x 8”x16”), (8”x 8”x16”)
Strength: 1500 PSI
Durability: More than 30 Years
Colors: Grey
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