Precast Boundary Wall

A reliable company for manufacturing, delivering and installing fine-quality precast concrete walls, precast wall panels, RCC boundary walls, ready-made compound walls. Services and delivery available in all cities of Pakistan.

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For more than 3 decades, we are engaged in manufacturing sturdy and aesthetically appealing precast boundary wall for our valuable clients. The prestressed precast boundary wall is one of our modern and versatile concrete building materials that we manufacture under strict supervision and controlled factory environment and later deliver with care to the site for quick installation. We use fine quality raw materials in the manufacturing of precast H-Column, Planks, Strips, and Caps that not only enrich the appearance of your surroundings but also furnish the purpose of protection.

Why Precast Boundary Wall?

  • Precast boundary wall is of high quality and durable due to its manufacturing and curing done in a controlled factory environment rather than onsite construction which may result in major loopholes.
  • Precast boundary wall is cost-effective due to the efficient use of raw materials purchased and have the advantage to be used in multiple projects at the same time without throwing into junk. The cost of labor is also less which results more bang for your buck.
  • These walls are resistant to mold, fire, rot, and termites, and other natural hazards which make them a long-lasting and durable building product.
  • Minimum effort and cost are required for the maintenance as compare to the brick boundary wall.
  • The time duration of the manufacturing and installation of the precast boundary wall is far less than the traditional construction process.
  • These walls are eco-friendly, fireproof, limits noise pollution as they are very dense and sturdy. Also, architectural customization is available in different colors, sizes, and textures for its visual appearance.
  • Its major applications are to separate the land or property and to secure residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, parks, farmhouses, etc.


Size H-Col: 6” x 7”
Planks: 8’ x 2” x 12”
Strip:8’ x 2” x 3” or 8’ x 2” x 4”
Caps: 6” x 7”
Color Grey, Red, Orange, Custom
Length 8 Feet Plank Length
Height 12 Inch Plank Height
Thickness 2 Inch Plank Thickness
Customization Available
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