Precast Concrete Roofing

We are the best choice for supply and hoisting of ready-made precast roofing materials in Pakistan. Our precast roofing system includes girder, beams, slab, and double-tee catering to different sizes, spans and load-bearing requirements.

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Tradexcc is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality prestressed girder, slab and double tee in Pakistan. Our precast roofing materials cater to all domains; commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. We have an expert team of registered structural engineers and architects that follow the BS engineering standards in order to fabricate ready-made roofs of customized sizes and sections.

Moreover, we use highest quality raw materials for our reinforced concrete products. We use high-tensile steel strands and wires, which are first stretched and drawn out then wound around a mandrel for maximum tension. The strands are then encased in a rebar cage, a process called ‘superplacing’ that ensures optimal placement of the reinforcement. We can increase that strength of these precast materials according to our client’s demand. We ensure that our finished beams and girders are fabricated according to stringent industry standards.

Why Use Our Precast Roofing?

  • Due to off-site manufacturing, these prestressed girder, slab, double tee precast roofing system is very cost-effective for all types of building structure.
  • Guaranteed and tested high quality and structure efficiency up to the given standards.
  • Reusable, economical and cause very less labor and maintenance cost.
  • We not only manufacture and deliver but also provide hoisting services for its quick installation and erection.


Grider Size 4’ x 9’’ up to 8’ x 24’’
Slabs Size 2.5’ x 1.0’’ up to 7.5’ x 1.5’’
Color On Demand
Length 6 feet to 35 feet
Customization Available
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