Precast Trench Covers

Tradexcc delivers the finest quality gritted surface precast trench covers used for covering trenches, holes, ditches, manholes and for any other application required by the client. Economical and provide an anti-slip top surface. Delivery and installation in all cities of Pakistan.

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Precast trench covers are cost-saving very economical options for coverage of trenches, ditches, boreholes thus provide a safe way for passengers from any accidental damages. Tameerkaro offers concrete precast slabs act as a trench covers embedded with a gritted surface that provides a great anti-slip top surface. Concrete trench covers cost very less penny for installation as these panels weigh about one-quarter as much as steel covers. Hence, only two men can easily handle full panels without the need for hoists, pulleys or dollies. Moreover, it requires less maintenance or cleaning and due to the lightweight of these slabs chances of back injuries are very rare during installation. The load-bearing capacity of these precast slabs is high due to which any heavy vehicular movements over these slabs cause less damage making it a durable and reliable option for covering trenches on roads and streets.

  • Anti-slip top surface
  • Zero or less maintenance required.
  • Good heat resistant.
  • Good load-bearing capacity and strength
  • Rapid installation and less labor cost.
  • Light in weight and can easily shift.
  • Very economical


Sections: 300mmx850mm
Colors: Red, Grey, Yellow
Customization: Available
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